Dr. Rob Reimer

Dr. Rob Reimer is the founder and lead pastor of South Shore Community Church in Brockton, Massachusetts and author of Pathways to the King, River Dwellers, and Soul Care. He is a partnering faculty member with the Doctor of Ministry program at Alliance Theological Seminary in Nyack, NY, and has taught Soul Care to thousands of leaders and lay people internationally. A powerful speaker, he is leading the Church toward renewal and restoration with unrelenting passion. Rob’s message is one of pursuit – urging people to seek intimacy with God and the fullness of the Spirit until it comes.

River Dwellers: Living in the Fullness of the Spirit


River Dwellers: Living in the Fullness of the Spirit

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Did you ever wish there was more to your Christian life? Too often the Christian life is reduced to going to church, attending meetings, serving God, and doing devotions. But Jesus promised us abundant life – a deep, intimate, satisfying connection with the living God. How do we access the abundant life that Jesus promised?  The key is the presence and life of the Holy Spirit within us. 

Jesus said that the Spirit of God flows within us like a river – He is the River of Life. But we need to dwell in the river in order to access the Spirit’s fullness. 

In his latest book, Dr. Rob Reimer offers a deep look at life in the Spirit and provides practical strategies for dwelling in the River of Life.  We will explore the fullness of the Spirit, tuning into the promptings of the Spirit, walking in step with the Spirit, and developing sensitivity to the presence of the God in our lives. This resource will guide you toward becoming a full-time river dweller, even in the midst of life’s most difficult seasons when the river seems to run low. 

Together let's become River Dwellers, living where the fullness of God flows so that we can carry living water to a world dying of thirst!  

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